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September Pastoral Council Minutes

St Stephens Parish Pastoral Council Meeting
September 18, 2018

Fr Dermot, Tom Doyle, Jack Metz, Janet Swilley, Julio Alvarez, Anthony Basilicato, Jose'
Concheiro, John Nemia, Gustavo Bustamante,
Nick Turco, Fr Tim, David Papke, Ted Russell
Meeting called to Order 7:00 pm

OPENING PRAYER - Julio Alvarez
READING from GOSPEL for August 26, 2018 MK 9:30-37
- Scripture Discussion:
- Who was the greatest?
- Listening is important in Leadership
- Keep Jesus in front of you
- Be the Servant of all - bring those on the outskirts in like the child in the scripture
- Are we embracing everyone that comes through the Doors of Mercy?

- August 21, 2018 Minutes Approved

- Make sure staff knows how much they are appreciated for the hard work on the
ministry fair.

- No meeting until next weeks.
- Some new members signed up for committee at the Ministry Fair
- Positive input has been received on quarterly finance information in Bulletin.

David Papke - PARKING
- Parking plan presented was approved
- Working with county to put block on curb
- Need to continue to recruit volunteers to help with parking

Jose Concheiro - Project HOPE
- Jose’ is dealing with Kathleen Hicks from Diocese
- Now that the approval for minors to get citation instead of misdemeanor charge
on their record passed
the new project is to build housing that will accommodate 200 in apartment
complex setting.
- TWINNING was very active at Ministry Fair - 11 new people signed up.
- They are open to looking at other countries for a missions.

- Ministry Fair was a great success. 1150 people attended.
- Ministry Leaders were very positive about the fair.
- 350 supporting people from the ministries that participated in the Ministry Fair
- Follow up will be key
- Packets need to be distributed to the Ministry Leaders and follow up calls made.
It was great relationship building opportunity as well as an opportunity to educate our
parishioners about the different ministries available.

Lessons to keep in mind for next year: revise layout, table size, signage needs to be
better, kids activities need to be more visible, bouncy houses worked but not used as
much as expected.
Very positive to see people helping each other recruit for ministries that weren’t there
own if someone was interested in something else.

Ted Russell went to St Pauls Ministry Fair to help out. Their “snake” layout of tables
worked well because people were fed at the end after going through the whole line of
tables. St Stephens has done this in the past. Good reminder.

David Papke - Music Ministry Director search continues.
- Posting in Orlando as soon as we get permission
- Choir member, Lori Schulemer is meeting with Jose’ to work with choir for
rehearsals and get Christmas program together.

The book THE MASS was recommended reading and for use as teaching tool.
Bishop’s quote on racism in the parish discussed

Status of Respect Life - moving to next step and talking about what they want to do at
St Stephens at tomorrow night’s meeting.and the broader Organization meeting is this

- Fr Tim will attend meeting tomorrow night.

Men’s Basketball is up and running . Minimum age 32

Question to the PPC from Fr Dermot- How can we reach out socially to our parish in the
- 40 signups at the Ministry Fair for OUTREACH
- Community Spiritual POT LUCK DINNER in the neighborhoods was

Fr Tim met with Women’s Group
- They are available and waiting to be asked to assist with Parish projects.

Endowment Program
- New in the parish.
- Run through Catholic Foundation by Board of professional money managers that
supports Catholic Schools.
- 1% proceeds go back to schools.
This program is being established to reduce debt, meet current and future needs of the
It will take $10,000 to start program and must have $25,000 before any monies can be
drawn on it.
Contact Megan at Diocese to assist anyone that is interested.

Jose’ Concheiro, - Ministries of Mercies.
- Discussion about where Ministries of Mercies will be relocated. TBD.

Status on properties still pending.

Discussion regarding the Bishop’s Plan for next 3 years.
All parishes strategic plans are to line up with his plan.
- Parish will take part in Deanery initiative - the Goal to build a Food Bank for all
food pantries to come to
- Establish and enhance youth ministries
- Equip parishioners to be disciples
- Enhance or establish Family ministries
- Form a Team- it was the general consensus that the Parrish Council will be the
team and Lisa will be liasion

Youth Program - Fr suggested there needs a week of service planned; i.e. Mission Trip
- Goal is to increase participation and make disciples
- Plan mission trips, events and fundraisers
- Make programs available to the teens as well as school like Metro Men, helping
the elders in the church around their homes, etc.

Strategic Plan to be Presented by 3/1/2019

“Courageously living the Gospel” needs to be promoted and in front of the parish at all

Fr Tim closing prayer
Adjourn 8:30pm