Men's Club

Men's Club

High School Seniors!  Be sure to apply for the Men's Club Annual Scholarship!   (application and instructions)


The St. Stephen Men’s Club is a social organization, dedicated to serving our parish, our families, and our community.  We are men of faith, serving Christ and building the body of the Church.  We do this through our actions, sponsoring many activities throughout the year, and providing the muscle to get things done for the Parish.

We host a fish fry each Friday during Lent, through which many of St. Stephen’s ministries come together to serve great food and share fellowship.  Our annual golf tournament has supported scholarships and charity for more than 20 years.  Other social activities offer opportunities for the men of St. Stephen and their families to come together and to grow together in faith. 

All men of St. Stephen, age 21 years and over, are welcome to join us.  We meet on the second Friday of each month to plan our activities and enjoy fellowship.  As a brotherhood bound by faith, we work hard to build the body of the Church – and we have fun doing it!  Please join us.

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