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Catholic Charities Angel Award Winner - Kim Davis

Apr 4, 2019

Catholic Charities honors one of our St. Stephen Catholic Church staff employees with their annual Angel Award – Kim Davis

Ms. Kim Davis has been involved with San Jose Mission in Dover for the past 10 years.  The San Jose Mission provides affordable housing to migrant farmworker families.  "Miss Kim", as the children call her, has organized numerous fall and spring activities for the people they serve.  It includes the popular Summer Vacation Bible School and the annual Christmas Party.  Her enthusiasm is infectious. She draws people in the broader community together to bring delightful experiences to the children of San Jose. At Thanksgiving, she worked with the parish and Tampa Bay Lightning Community Hockey Development Vice President and former General Manager Jay Feaster to arrange an exciting Tampa Bay Lightning youth street hockey event. This past Christmas, Ms. Kim was instrumental in averting a major crisis (no Christmas gifts or donations forthcoming) by working with the Newsome High school community to secure Christmas gifts for the children.  We thank Kim for her years of service to our broader community of San Jose and thank our parish community of St. Stephen by volunteering their time and continued support to “Miss Kim” by donating food and share boxes.

Kim Davis is the Faith Formation Coordinator of St. Stephen Catholic Church – K-5 Program.  St. Stephen has 850 children in our K-5 Program in addition to St. Stephen Catholic Church VBS.  Please continue to keep San Jose Mission community in your prayers.  If you would like to learn more on how you can help San Jose or other local missions in our own back yard, please contact Kim Davis at [email protected].

From Kim:

First and foremost, I want to say thank you to Catholic Charities for this honor. I am truly humbled to be standing in front of you today accepting this award. Volunteering with the San Jose Mission is something that I am very passionate about, but there is no way I could serve and do this alone. Thank you to my amazing parish, St. Stephen, our staff, parishioners and youth volunteers who support me and help make my dreams for the San Jose Mission into a reality.

I can’t say what brought me to the San Jose Mission initially, however, I do know that it was God who lead me to this amazing place. From the first day I stepped foot on the property, I felt in my heart that it was a special organization. We always think the biggest needs and places we need to serve the most are miles away. But after working at the mission, I came to realize that there was a dire need in our own backyard. After that first experience at the San Jose Mission, there was no turning back for me.

I fell in love with the mission and the families who live there. I could feel in my heart that the Lord was calling me to serve the people of the San Jose Mission in a bigger way each year. Year after year, the needs of the families continues to grow. And year after year, our donations and volunteers continue to increase.  There are times I would wonder where the donations would come from. Then, I would be reminded that the Lord will provide- and He always does through the generosity of our community and parish.

There is nothing more satisfying than knowing that a family is going to have food for a week, or that they will have a few small presents to open on Christmas, or that the children will have school supplies for their first day of school. These are things that many of us take for granted. I will never forget the joy on the faces of the children after eating a Mcdonald’s hamburger for the first time or receiving a new pair of shoes. I could go on, but just know the joy you feel while at the San Jose Mission is contagious, and what keeps and my group of volunteers going year after year.

Thank you again Catholic Charities for not only recognizing me but recognizing and supporting The San Jose Mission.

From St. Stephen Catholic Church:

Thank you Kim Davis for your years of service to our parish community and our Faith Formation Programs.  We are truly blessed to have you!


  • Melody dawn schopperPosted on 7/16/19

    It’s really for all of u at St Stephens I’ll missed u all so muchim alreadyon a vacation extended so I’ll be gone for awhile up tillaugust so I’ll be back on to my faith journey whenever I can love u all very much hope to see u soon love melody

  • Kathryn SantosPosted on 4/12/19

    Thank you Kim for all of your dedication and loving efforts. What an angel you are!


    Santos Family



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