Faith Formation



Let your children's faith grow with a deeper understanding of our sacred traditions and church teachings. Our Faith Formation Program offers an active program for growth and development of faith in our children and youth. 

Our Faith Formation Programs offer our children in public school the same quality faith formation as those enrolled in our Catholic Schools.  Please stop by our Faith Formation Office located at St. Stephen Catholic School to register.  You can also call our Faith Formation Office for more information at 813-671-4434.     God Bless You!

Faith Formation Staff:  

Rosie Bridges, Director of Faith Formation

Sue Haines - Administrator of Faith Formation 

Kim Davis - Coordinator of K-5 Faith Formation  

Lisa Lopez - Assistant Coordinator of Faith Formation 

Joanna Jewell - Coordinator of Youth & Young Adult Ministry

Click to access the Sadlier Religion program resources for Catechetical leaders, catechists, teachers, families, and students.

Want to volunteer?

If you are feeling God's call to teach the faith, we need your help! As catechists you are called to embrace the following:

  •     A desire to grow in and share our Catholic Faith
  •     An awareness of God's grace
  •     A commitment to the Church's liturgical and sacramental life and moral teachings
  •     A strength of character that is built on patience, responsibility, confidence and creativity
  •     A generosity of spirit, respect for diversity and a habit of hospitality and inclusion
  •     A basic understanding and willingness to learn more about our Catholic teachings, Scriptures and Traditions
  •     Willingness to employ provided & effective teaching techniques and strategies

COMMITMENT: Our Catechists and Assistant Catechists will attend an initial training/orientation and Safe Environment Training. They are committed to teach 27 classes, utilizing the Office of Faith Formation to plan for any absences. Catechists will also commit to ongoing formation, through Diocesan trainings, online resources and opportunities through the parish.

Our catechists are simultaneously teachers and students, growing in faith and knowledge with our students. As a Faith Formation teacher, you will recognize ways to enrich yourself and your students, becoming a true catechetical leader.

SUPPORT: The Office of Faith Formation supports your vocation of being a Catechist by providing in-depth teaching guides, workbooks for all students, additional resources, craft materials, and a library of videos and books so you can successfully spread the word of God with a small class. Contact the Office of Faith Formation (813-671-4434) for more information on how to become a Catechist and our current needs, or download the Volunteer Form  and Opportunities to volunteer.

Safe Environment Training

All adults volunteering with programs that involve youth, parents of children attending St. Stephen Catholic School who desire to volunteer at the school, and those who volunteer with the St. Stephen Faith Formation Program must have completed a Diocese-sponsored Safe Environment Training and complete a level II background screening (fingerprints and name search).   The Diocesan Safe Environment training session for adults wishing to supervisor children/youth is now available on line at no cost.

For more information about Safe Environment Training visit our Diocese of St. Petersburg website Diocese of St. Petersburg - Office of the Safe Environment Program. (click here)

St. Stephen Catholic Church complies with all aspects of the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People, adopted by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. The St. Petersburg Diocese policy entitled Policy for the Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults was implemented in 2003 and was most recently revised in November 2009.    Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People

For more information or questions regarding the Safe Environment Program please contact Sue Haines at our Faith Formation Office, 813-671-4434.


St. Stephen Catholic School is devoted to inspiring students to achieve their full academic potential while demonstrating a desire to continue Jesus' mission by applying Catholic morals, beliefs, values and practices in their everyday lives. We are committed to motivating students to sustain a lifelong love of learning.

Our mission promotes a journey toward academic and spiritual growth with an appreciation of the richness of our Catholic faith and tradition.

Please contact St. Stephen Catholic School Office (813) 741-9203 for more information and schedule a personal tour.  Check out our website by clicking  St. Stephen Catholic School.