Holy Communion - Eucharist


The Eucharist is "the source and summit of the Christian life." The Eucharist, often referred to as Holy Communion, is the central part of the Mass for Catholics. It is at the mass when the bread and wine become the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ. As Catholics, we believe that the Eucharist is not merely a sign or symbol, but that Jesus is truly present, body, blood, soul, and divinity.

In this sacrament are the true Body of Christ and his true Blood is something that 'cannot be apprehended by the senses,' says St. Thomas, 'but only by faith, which relies on divine authority.' For this reason, in a commentary on Luke 22:19 ('This is my body which is given for you.'), St. Cyril says: 'Do not doubt whether this is true,  but rather receive the words of the Savior in faith, for since he is the truth, he cannot lie.'" (Catechism of the Catholic Church)


We celebrate the Mass and the Eucharist daily at St. Stephen. Click here for Mass Information.


2019 First Eucharist Mass with our children





May Crowning - two of our First Communicants crowning Mary on May 4-5 weekend.

First Communion photo



If you  have not received the Sacrament of First Eucharist, we have two programs available:

  • For Children and youth, we have an active program for the development and deepening of our children’s faith, including preparation for First Holy Communion.
  • For Adults who have never been Baptized and/or come from another faith tradition, we encourage you to participate in our Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults program.

To learn more about children celebrating their First Reconciliation & First Holy Communion, please refer to our K-5 web page, click here