Ushers and Greeters

Ushers arrive 20-30 minutes early for Mass in order to make arrangements for parishioners with special needs and reserve seating. The ushers then welcome parishioners and visitors and assist them in finding a seat. During Mass, they collect and secure donations, and guide the communion process. After Mass, the ushers pass out bulletins or any other relevant information and assure that the church is in order for the next Mass.

Greeters are great people who, by welcoming our parishioners and guests, create the "first impression" of Christ's invitation to join Him in the feast. Our greeting team offers a handshake and a bulletin, answers any questions that arise, and usually arrive 20-30 mnutes early to do so.

To join this great team of friendly ushers or greeters, please contact us with regard to which Mass you can serve at:  [email protected]