A Life Changing Experience


What is Welcome?

It is an experience that helps you discover what’s missing in your life and what to do about it. Twenty years from now, you’ll look back and this will be one of the defining experiences of your life.


Find Clarity and Purpose

We all wrestle with life’s biggest questions: Who am I? What am I here for?  What matters most? Welcome puts a framework around these questions to help you find clarity and a deeper sense of purpose.


Find Meaningful Relationships

You know that comfortable feeling you get when you walk into a room full of friends?  Imagine feeling that way at church.  Welcome is an opportunity to form meaningful relationships with people at your parish who will journey with you.


Get a Fresh Perspective

Life is demanding—and draining.  Welcome gives you a break from the everyday so you can recharge, experience life with newfound energy, and become a better-version-of-yourself. 


The Welcome weekend will leave you feeling recharged, renewed, refreshed, and more at home at St. Stephen than ever before.The next overnight Welcome weekends will take place at St Stephen on:

Men: March 28-29, 2020 and Women: April 25-26, 2020

We invite you to take part in this life-changing experience.

To register for a Men's weekend, click HERE.

To register for a Women's Weekend, click HERE.    


If you are unable to attend the next Men’s Welcome Weekend and would like to be added to the waitlist for the fall 2020 retreat, please email us your contact information at  [email protected].

If you are unable to attend the next Women’s Welcome Weekend and would like to be added to the waitlist for the fall 2020 retreat, please email us your contact information at [email protected].  


When? Arrive at 8:00 AM on Saturday - 4:00 PM on Sunday.

Where? St. Stephen Family Life Center

Who? Men or Women age 18 or older

How to dress? Dress is casual and comfortable. We suggest bringing a sweater or jacket so you are comfortable if the room is too cool for you. Pack something to sleep in and a change of clothes for Sunday.

Where do we sleep? At St. Stephen. We have comfortable air mattresses for each participant. Just bring your own bedding (sleeping bag or sheets/blanket) and pillow.

Where do we shower? At home before you come on Saturday and at home again on Sunday when you return.

Will there be food provided? Beginning with a light breakfast on Saturday through lunch on Sunday, an abundance of food and snacks will be provided. Please let us know of any dietary requirements or restrictions in advance so we can accommodate your needs.

Still have questions? For Questions regarding the Womens' Weekend, email [email protected].  Questions regarding the Mens' Weekend, please email [email protected].


“Welcome saved my life!”

“I never really lived before Welcome. I was just wandering around in a fog.”

“Welcome has made me a better father.”

“I knew something was missing, and I don’t know why I ignored that feeling for so long, but Welcome helped me discover exactly what was missing.”

“I’m a better mother because of Welcome.”

“Welcome saved my marriage.”

“I really don’t know where I’d be today if a friend had not invited me to Welcome 10 years ago.”

“Everywhere I go, people tell me that I am different. They want to know what has changed in my life. I tell them Welcome did it. ‘What’s Welcome?’ they ask. Then I invite them to experience it for themselves.”

“This will be one of the best things you do in your life!”